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Entry Control with Video Intercoms

Currently, all industries highly value security measurements within their compounds. The implementation of an access control solution is a primary key for them. Apart from audio, they need to support video as well.

Implemented in a Unified Communications solution, video intercom systems provide a flexible usage. Ideally, employees may manage access without the necessity of running a separate application or device.  

Often voice and video are streamed using two separate lines, thus the most commonly used video intercom systems are not compatible with modern UC solutions. OfficeMaster EntryControl provides a single stream that contains audio and video from door intercom systems and cameras respectively. This stream is forwarded as a video call to the work station. 

EntryControl is offered in two versions. Technical features and overall capability distinguish them from each other. Both versions, however, are licensed identically. Thus, no variations in product naming or pricing is needed.

More information about actual releases can be found in our forum.

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