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OfficeMaster Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA)

Redundant IP telephony on distributed locations

The OfficeMaster Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) provides a telephony redundancy for subsidiaries if the WAN happens to break down. It fully supports Skype for Business.

Many companies tend to keep the IT environment and telecommunication separated, as they fear that in case of a network failure they would not be capable of using telephony. Now, with the introduction of our SBA, this thought itself has become redundant. It automatically switches to ISDN as soon as it detects an IP transmission failure to the Skype server and thus guarantees an uninterrupted use of all telephony functionalities.

Product Details

  • Based on proven hardware; certified for Windows Server 2012 R2; high availability yet powerful performance; ILO Remote Management
  • Integrated and autonomous PCIe Gateway Board
  • 6 digital interfaces: 4 BRI and 2 PRI, individually licensable
  • 4 analogue interfaces on an independent Low Profile Card
  • Easy setup via web based user interface
  • SBA-independent testing capabilities for inbound and outbound calls
  • Data traffic monitoring with SCOM or SNMP
  • Linkage to OfficeMaster Suite can be licensed in post
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