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Skype for Business

OfficeMaster Gate together with Skype for Business is a common PBX solution for companies and authorities alike. They tend to use it either as extension to an existent PBX or as fully functioning PBX solely.

Ferrari electronic’s OfficeMaster Gate is responsible for linking existent ISDN interfaces to Skype for Business via a dedicated VoIP Gateway (or Exchange for Voicemail). It acts as intelligent translator between telephony via landline (ISDN or IP) and the SIP protocol used by Microsoft.

Our OfficeMaster Gate offers a technology that is highly valued as it means that customers can extent their IT infrastructure using Skype for Business.

All of our Gateways support Skype for Business

Having implemented a Ferrari electronic media gateway, customers in a pure Skype for Business environment can use their local landline for calls.

  • Use a local computer for VoIP telephony
  • Connect alien IP telephones to your infrastructure
  • Comfortably hold audio and video conferences with multiple participants

All gateways that are certified for Microsoft Lync 2013 can also be used for Skype for Business. Find a list of these gateways here.

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