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Versatile UC solutions for Office365 and All-IP

Ferrari electronic attends this year’s CeBIT as partner of digital transformation

The slogan #Digitales Wirtschaftswunder is the phrase that Microsoft identifies itself with on the CeBIT 2017. Microsoft, along with multiple partners show the versatile facets of digitization. One of those partners is Ferrari electronic, a UC company located in Berlin. On booth E24 in hall 12, they present various solutions for implementing Unified Communications into one’s enterprise. One of which is the OfficeMaster Suite 6, a universal and contemporary fax solution that requires no additional hardware and, thanks to the Office365 connector, offers secure faxing through Microsoft Cloud. The media gateways offered by Ferrari electronic ensure that the move to All-IP occurs as swift as possible.

Each company experiences digital transformation differently, depending on their concern and requirements. Microsoft and their partners intend to utilise this year’s CeBIT to support companies to an action, which could possibly be described as the toughest challenge of the 21. century. On more than 30 booths, they offer counselling and product advisory for companies. Ferrari electronic is part of the action and focusses on the question: “How can companies effectively and infinitely modernise their IT environment?”

OfficeMaster Suite 6 uses DirectSIP to integrate Fax without the necessity of additional hardware

A novelty on CeBIT 2017: DirectSIP along with OfficeMaster Suite 6. It puts the way we knew and have previously used fax on a whole new level by offering a revised SIP stack for secure and reliable Fax-over-IP transmissions. Hence, no additional gateway, networking CAPI or any other middleware will be required to connect a PBX to the PSTN. Consequently, costs and effort in purchasing, maintaining and configuring these hardware devices are non-existent. A coexistent use of DirectSIP, OfficeMaster Gate and alien hardware/software is supported. Thus, Ferrari electronic adapts to the fact that constantly growing IT infrastructures are rarely homogenous.

Shifting Microsoft Office to the Cloud without limitations

Microsoft Office 365 is far more than just an E-mail, text processing or calculation programme. Its service encompasses telephony along with Skype for Business and Cloud-PBX licensing. However, due to being fully Cloud- based, various limitations can be observed, such as limited devices that are actually capable of establishing a telephony connection to a PBX, restriction of using additional services (e.g. fax integration) and incapability of connecting analogue devices. Furthermore, the voice quality can hardly compete with that found on local installations. Here, the market relies on UC specialists like Ferrari electronic. They have created an Office365 connector, which integrates Fax, SMS and voicemail to a Cloud environment. As the integration of telephony is yet another challenge, they have come up with a solution for that: Microsoft’s Cloud Connector Edition (CCE) connects to a Ferrari electronic Media Gateway or (virtual) Session Border Controller. This allows companies to take full benefit of using a Cloud solution while still employing the existent IT environment.

A swift move to All-IP with OfficeMaster Gate 

Enterprises that are affected by the All-IP migration and do not want to shift their infrastructure into a Cloud can count on the bespoke OfficeMaster Gate portfolio. They essentially act as translator between ISDN and IP while maintaining a consistent operation of the native fax solution (on a PBX->Router->OfficeMaster Gate installation). As voice over IP (VoIP) integration, the Gateways are nonetheless important: As Session Border Controller they implement a connection to SIP remote stations.

The team of Ferrari electronic present their product portfolio in hall 12, on the Alcatel-Lucent-Enterprise booth E32 and on the Microsoft Skype for Business booth E24.

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