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OfficeMaster Suite 6.1: Widespread UC- Solutions with SAP certification

The new software for professional fax, SMS and voicemail communication is now available.

Ferrari electronic’s latest UC solution is the OfficeMaster Suite version 6.1. Consumers use this product to swiftly link fax, SMS and voicemail functionalities to their native E-mail systems. Thanks to the web connector, fax messages may be sent without the necessity of using a mail server and a client installation is rendered unnecessary.  The SAP connector of OfficeMaster Suite 6.1, which is based on SAP NetWeaver, has been fully revised and, due to an even deeper integration, offers a swift, comfortable and reliable way of communicating via fax. Enterprises that strive to implement a flexible UC solution may purchase Ferrari electronic’s OfficeMaster Suite 6.1 from certified partners.

Regardless if using fax, SMS or Voicemail: OfficeMaster 6.1 centres all communication channels to one unified interface. The software uses a newly developed SAP connector, apart from the existent E-mail systems such as Exchange, Office365 or IBM Domino/Notes. The connector is certified on SAP NetWeaver standard and ensures the linkage of SAP support to a fax solution.  

Germany’s simplest fax solution

Additionally, OfficeMaster Suite 6.1 contains DirectSIP. Companies greatly benefit from the use of this component as they are capable of implementing a fax over IP solution without having the need to utilise an additional gateway, network supporting CAPI or any other middleware. This in turn will safe expenses in purchase, installation and configuration as well as maintenance for additional hard- or software. The whole process of communication will therefore become much easier and comprehensible. For this Ferrari electronic has optimised the protocol stacks T.30 and T.38. Consequently, OfficeMaster Suite 6.1 faces common challenges in IP communication such as Jitter and Packetloss effectively. DirectSIP functionality is fully implemented in the OfficeMaster Suite, operation in heterogeneous environments is guaranteed and SIP line extensions can be licensed easily.

OfficeMaster Suite 6.1 uses the existent infrastructure for storing and configuring the application data. Thus access to asynchronous communication services occur unitarily and the full administrative access is ensured, which will discharge mostly IT administrators.

One UC-solution, two services

Companies that use OfficeMaster can decide whether to use the service fax or voicemail first. Voicemail functionality is entirely independent on any PBX’s and may be set up via an individual and easily accessible web interface. This will guarantee voice messages to be delivered correctly to the respective mailbox of each user. A secondary service may be conveniently added if the need arises. Fax previews are displayed in the user’s mailbox; employees can choose from sending bulk faxes or group faxes. A proxy function is also implemented.

Usage in cloud and All-IP environments

The software accommodates a complex cloud integration and, due to the new Office365 connector, empowers a secure transfer of faxes within Microsoft Cloud. As with all Ferrari electronic’s products, OfficeMaster Suite 6.1 stands for security in innovation and investment: Linking ones IP solution to an IP trunk such as DeutschlandLAN SIP-Trunk (Telekom) or an existent PBX is problem-free. The cease of ISDN can therefore be faced without hardship.

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