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Unified Communications Portfolio and Next Generation Document Exchange

CEBIT: Ferrari electronic presents innovative UC solutions and provides an insight into the document exchange of the future.

Ferrari electronic is about to present its comprehensive portfolio for Unified Communications, Unified Messaging and CallRecording on CEBIT 2018. The main topic discussed in hall 13, booth C101 will feature the future of document exchange. With “New Generation Document Exchange”, Ferrari electronic is working on a file exchange format that will take business communication to an entirely new level.

This year’s CEBIT is “Europe’s business festival for innovation and digitalisation”. For Ferrari electronic, this motto could not be more fitting. The Berlin-based hardware and software developer presents its portfolio, which unifies communication worlds, on CEBIT 2018. Companies that employ the OfficeMaster solutions optimize their business processes and increase their efficiency.

The CEBIT focal point at a glance:

Unified Messaging: Today, corporate communication takes place in every form and on all channels. Ferrari electronic's solutions combine all applications - E-mail, fax, SMS and voicemail - on one interface. Thus, companies retain their overview on communication and never run shy from it. E-Mail, fax and SMS messages automatically reach the inbox; the existing E-Mail application becomes an intuitive platform.

The flagship is the OfficeMaster Suite 6: The software for professional communication via fax, SMS and voicemail accommodates a SAP connector and features DirectSIP by default.

Even when utilizing a cloud inbox via Office 365, you may fax safely using the Cloud Connector.

Unified Communications:With the UC solutions from Ferrari electronic, companies can use all communication channels from just one application – telephone or video conferencing, desktop sharing or instant messaging, fax, voicemail or telephone recording.

Innovative media gateways, such as the OfficeMaster Gate Advanced, guarantee a seamless transition from traditional ISDN network to SIP. Not only do they enable a swift move from ISDN to All-IP, they also ensure that companies can continue using their existent PBX or analog branch. As they also act as Session Border Controller, communication can be guaranteed even if a network failure occurs. 

Call Recording:Be it for oral contracts, reliable protocolling or improving the service quality: OfficeMaster CallRecording is the solid solution for legally binding telephone recordings. It can be easily integrated into existing communication systems and makes secure archiving possible. Also included: convenient search and sending options, password protection as well as the option for encrypting the storage.

Stephan Leschke, CEO of Ferrari electronic AG, has high expectations for the CEBIT 2018, where everything revolves around the workplace of the future. Our solutions pave the way into the future of digital communication while considering technological transformations. This road will also lead us to the document exchange of the future and a “file format for everything”, inspired by today’s fax, but capable of much more. We are currently working on the development of this high-tech project, and are showing a live demo of what we call the “Next Generation Document Exchange”. CEBIT visitors may be curious.

Technologies that change: Next Generation Document Exchange

An important component for business success is, and continues to be, the exchange of documents. The simpler and more universal, the better. The aim is to approach a way to send documents as quickly as E-Mails and as (legally) securely as fax. Two or more terminal devices act as senders, regardless on the hardware used.

Having this in mind, Ferrari electronic is working on an innovative solution that will take communication as we know it to a new level: The document exchange format of the future. In this upgrade, the possibilities of the latest ITU communication standards are consistently used. The aim is to establish a new benchmark for the simple, fast and legally compliant exchange of documents between companies from all industries and branches.

The ITU standards are designed to ensure that classic and modern fax methods communicate reliably with each other and always employ the best transmission method. Thus, the procedure is backwards compatible to the established fax protocol, allowing conventional fax servers and analog fax terminals to be addressed without additional software or hardware. This can be equally applied to modern multifunctional devices.


The simple, fast and legally compliant transmission of documents is the first step towards the document exchange of the future. Retaining a straightforward operation with a concurrent deep integration into existing business processes as well as automatic machine readability through text extraction based on established standards- such as ZUGFeRD for sending invoices- are the next milestones. 

Ferrari electronic will be exhibiting at CEBIT 2018 in hall 13, booth C101.

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