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How do I ensure fax is supported even after the cease of ISDN? By implementing FoIP.

Due to the ongoing switch from ISDN/analog networks to IP, bespoke technologies such as fax need a little more care than before. We provide a few tricks that may guide you along the way if All-IP comes knocking.

The fax device should be connected to the IP PBX as directly as possible. Try avoiding surplus transmission routes via multiple gateways or switches. Our DirectSIP component, which comes with the OfficeMaster Suite 6, supports this. Furthermore, use the T.38 transmission protocol instead of G.711. However, if you are dependent on G.711, activate the ECM (Error Correction Mode) and ensure the PBX utilizes the Voice Band data Mode. Monitor the occupancy of the IP trunk: An unusually high amount of package losses may hint to an insufficient bandwidth.

The future: Fax devices with internet access

Common challenges that IT communication managers currently face will eventually dissolve into appreciation. The first issue is solved once the circuit-switched telephony has been deactivated and crucial options are no longer needed to ensure fax transmission.

However, some fax solutions are already capable of transmitting faxes in full IP environments. These so-called "Internet Aware Fax" devices (IAF) avert many sources for error once two of these devices communicate directly with each other. Hence, these devices are much more reliant than non-IAF devices. As faxes can be exchanged much quicker, FoIP is not superseding fax: It rather steps up the game.

A little side note: Multi- functioning devices do not necessarily need to be replaced by IAF devices. A respective software stack upgrades them to be used as IAF.


The following documents endeavour to support you in implementing a future-proof fax solution. Furthermore, they contain various information on that matter.

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