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Session Border Controller for Skype for Business

A Session Border Cotroller (SBC) acts as translator and guarantees a safe transmission of data between various protocols and services. 

Every OfficeMaster Gate that is featured in our gateway portfolio is a SBC itself and connects to your IT environment via SIP “interfaces” (trunks). Optional BRI, PRI and FXS interfaces can be used to link existent hardware or facilitates future extensions.

The physical OfficeMaster Gate (Virtual Edition) is the ultimate solution in a purely virtual environment.

Acting as a fax over IP environment

As ISDN controller, OfficeMaster Gate has established itself for using both, basic rate interfaces and primary rate interfaces. Due to its capability of connecting to IP as well, the application field extends to T.38 and G.711 fax transmission.

Together with the OfficeMaster Suite, you are utilized with a powerful fax solution that is capable of handling your demands for ISDN as well as for IP. 

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