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Your solution for using all communication channels - whether on premise or remotely

The digital working world is undergoing rapid change. Scenarios such as home office, mobile working and increasing flexibility demand adaptable IT solutions. A correspondingly powerful all-in-one solution is now available to companies and public authorities with the new major release: OfficeMaster Suite 8 sets new standards for tamper-proof and DSGVO-compliant document exchange, offers numerous options for enriching documents, and lays the foundation for a variety of digitally integrated processes.  


Your solution for securing all advantages of document exchange, fax and email

Today, companies use many different ways to communicate: email, telephony, document exchange, fax, voicemail and SMS. With the solutions from Ferrari electronic you can unify all these means of communication on one interface. Existing e-mail systems such as Microsoft Exchange usually form the platform on which all channels converge. So you are not forced to constantly switch from one application to another. Instead, you receive all messages, regardless of format, in your familiar inbox.

Next Generation Document Exchange (NGDX) is the logical further development of fax technology. This is a document exchange process that transmits documents quickly, in color, legally secure, with an OK mark, end-to-end, encrypted and signed. NGDX creates and sends pure XML formats such as XInvoice, but also hybrid documents, i.e. readable by humans and machines, such as PDF/A or ZUGFeRD 2.1. This allows business process management systems to be optimized.

A legally and tamper-proof exchange of documents via NGDX, such as offers, orders, invoices and reminders is an important criterion for data protection due to the many cyberattacks in recent times.

Sending documents and faxes with Ferrari electronic's solutions is the same as sending e-mails due to the seamless integration into all mail systems: Instead of an e-mail address, you enter an NGDX/fax number or click on it from your contacts, add documents - done.

Receiving is just as easy: All documents/faxes land automatically and securely on the server and directly at your personal workstation. You can edit, archive, forward or delete them immediately.

Your solution for saving money, time and hassle

Via ISDN or as Fax-over-IP, our solutions complement your email system perfectly. They also offer a multitude of advantages. Sending fax via OfficeMaster is:


  • Transmission confirmation
  • Legally watertight 
  • Spam filter immunity
  • Immune to computer viruses
  • Fail-safe


  • Compatible to all applications
  • Excellent connection to document management systems and multifunction devices
  • ERP and CRM systems possible
  • Highly available


  • Considerable saving of time
  • Considerable saving of money
  • Accelerated sending of invoices and reminders
  • Automatable
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