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What is Next Generation Document Exchange?

Next Generation Document Exchange (NGDX) is a cross-industry process for exchanging files on a legally secure basis, rendering isolate solutions obsolete.

By implementing NGDX, you set a clear statement that you value a reliable and high-quality form of document exchange between you and your communication partner.

Whenever your document is critical and needs to be traced and transmitted directly, NGDX is your best bet!

NGDX is important because...

… critical information, such as contracts, invoices or process descriptions are formatted whenever a document exchange takes place. Well-structured and formatted documents bear this information. A common standard for archivable file formats is PDF/a. With NGDX, we fully rely on PDF/a -documents, which are readable by both men and machine. Hence, these documents can be deposited automatically to Business Process Management Systems without an explicit action of a human.

NGDX is direct because...

…whenever documents are exchanged via NGDX, a direct connection is established from the sender to the recipient. Transmission does not start before the recipient confirms that he is capable of receiving the document.

NGDX is traceable because...

…the receiving end issues a confirmation of successful transmission to the sender and acknowledges that all pages of the document have been transmitted as expected. Both sides are then responsible for storing the receipt securely. Modern technologies, such as BlockChain, further increase security by storing the correspondent checksum in an audit-proof manner.

Learn more about the possible deployment scenarios on the NGDX Landing Pages.

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