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Direct IP communication with PBXs and Trunks

With the switch to All-IP, telephony and IT are merging. The fax is also transferred to the IP world and thus becomes a real document in color and with meta data. Routers, fax cards or media gateways are usually required for classic fax transmission and conversion at IP telephone systems. Thanks to DirectSIP, it is now possible to transmit documents, including fax messages, directly.

The IP migration is integrated into the document exchange solution in the OfficeMaster Suite, so that documents and faxes are transmitted directly to the SIP trunk or an IP telephone system. This ensures stable and reliable transmission. The fact that hardware components or third-party software become superfluous is a further advantage. The direct transmission path has a positive effect on the reliability and stability of transmission in IP networks compared to previous heterogeneous solutions.

One current trend is that more and more physical interfaces are being eliminated. With a view to a future-oriented infrastructure, we support companies in taking the path to document exchange with full downward compatibility to conventional fax servers. The path to digital legally compliant communication in the IP age has thus been paved, including the transmission of hybrid documents.

  • No additional components needed like a media gateway, fax card or CAPI solutions of third party vendors - connection is accomplished directly to the OfficeMaster Suite
  • Therefore support is one-handed, resulting in faster response times
  • This scenario simplifies configuration; only one connection in-between and trunk needs to be configured
  • Easier licensing
  • Easier explanations
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