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Direct IP communication with PBXs and Trunks

From Version 6.1, every variation of the OfficeMaster Suite is fitted with a component for directly linking and processing fax over IP. 

No additional gateways, network supporting CAPI or any other middleware is required. As a beneficial factor, purchase, configuration and maintenance of any additional hard-or software becomes redundant. The entire communication process will therefore be made much easier and comprehensible. DirectSIP functionality is fully implemented in the OfficeMaster Suite and is licensed via ‘line extensions’. 

  • No additional components needed like a media gateway, fax card or CAPI solutions of third party vendors - connection is accomplished directly to the OfficeMaster Suite
  • Therefore support is one-handed, resulting in faster response times
  • This scenario simplifies configuration; only one connection in-between and trunk needs to be configured
  • Easier licensing
  • Easier explanations
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