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OfficeMaster Suite is currently available in its major version 6. Continuous development without redefining the basic concept guarantee a mature Workflow-Engine and high efficiency.

We set our prime focus on specialized connections to Microsoft Exchange, SAP etc. Thus, you are always capable of connecting to the latest versions of these programs/solutions.


  • New connector for Office 365: Requires no local Activate Directory nor a local data storage
  • Supports Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • Supports Microsoft Office 2016
  • Fully revised voicemail function. Voices sound more natural; you may now choose between male/female voices
  • New intuitive user interface for Webfax, Webvoice and the configuration program.
  • Connect to SIP trunks without relying on on additional gateways or third-party software with our DirectSIP feature
  • New SAP connector for NetWeaver-RFC with the familiar traffic light function
  • Now in Spanish 
  • Manage your license keys in our fully revised service portal (web based)
  • Find a list of the latest release notes in our forum.


New in OfficeMaster Suite 6.2

  • Setting up DirectSIP could not be easier: New templates facilitate the connection to tested SIP trunks and SIP PBXs
  • DirectSIP now supports the MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) function and landline SMS
  • New dynamic PIN simplifies generating new voicemail users
  • SMS via SMPP replaces the previous PROVIDERSMS component (HTTP/UCP)
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