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OficeMaster Suite 8

Unique Selling Points

When innovations alone do not secure the competitiveness of a company anymore, the company's communication infrastructure is a key for the success.

In a phase of growing diversity - from document exchange or fax via email to videoconferencing or chat - UC solutions are required to bundle the channels.

Cloud solutions like Office 365 became an integral part of today's companies ICT, but sometimes they cannot meet the requirements of companies long-established structures. OfficeMaster Suite 8 is completing cloud solutions with fax, voicemail and SMS, functionalities Office 365 is not offering.

This rounds off the move towards the cloud, because it does not only offer optimization of processess, but also higher efficiency and saving potentials without having to abstain from functionalities.

In addition, the OfficeMaster Suite can also be obtained via the Azure Marketplace.

This makes outsourcing to the cloud a well-rounded proposition because, in addition to optimizing processes, it also offers potential savings and greater efficiency without having to sacrifice functionality.

On the landing page for the major release of OfficeMaster Suite 8 we present the new features


Approved Technology

Newest version of the well-known „ferrariFAX“

  • Ferrari electronic doesn't consider fax as a sideshow, but as core business. Customers profit from more than 25 years of experience in the fax sector.

From the inventors of the active fax card

  • Since 1989, Ferrari electronic operates in the fax segment
  • Steadily providing new innovations like the fax card or the concept of offset IP-boxes (OfficeMaster Gate)


More than 25 years of experience and kow-how contributed to the development

  • In the fax sector, we are not only leader of competence, but also of technology
  • The customer not only buys a product, but also top-notch presales know-how and support at its best
  • We know the market, the products and their capabilities, thus customers only purchase what they need


World-Novelties included

Developed from scratch, with up-to-date technologies

  • Based on years of experience, the entire software was rebuilt from the ground up
  • Radicaly relying on the newest technologies and cutting off antiquated shares
  • Resulting in a highly performant complete solution for the future


DirectSIP functionalities

  • OfficeMaster not only "speaks" completely flawless ISDN, but also perfect IP
  • Over 25 years of experience in the ISDN sector, paired with accounted expertise in the IP segment maker Ferrari electronic an ideal partner for every (migration-) scenario


Cloud Connector

  • Matchless technology for cloud connection
  • Absolutely secure linkage by avoidance of SMTP


Concerted, one-handed product portfolio

Soft- and hardware ideally geared to each other

  • Hard- as well as software are self-developed by Ferrari electronic and therefore optimally interact, while being constantly improved - leading to a high performant overall solution.
  • By Ferrari electronic, the customer is automatically (pro-actively) prepared and hedged for future development. We will not leave our customers high and dry, not even after purchase.


Designed and developed in Germany

  • Hard- and software is completely developed and produced in Germany (Teltow close-by Berlin).
  • Ferrari electronic products are high-class workmanship loophole
  • Made in Germany
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