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OfficeMaster Gate

OfficeMaster Gate is a family of media gateways for Unified Communications applications.

Ferrari electronic has put its 25 years of experience in developing active Fax/ISDN cards and network-capable Fax/SMS/Voicemail solutions for various operating systems into the design of gateways. The firmware within the intelligent controllers was widely expanded in the meantime.

The media gateways of Ferrari electronic are taking on, as reliable interface, a key function within this infrastructure. They open up the Unified Messaging Service of Exchange and enable the worldwide telephony with Skype for Business respectively Microsoft Teams.

OfficeMaster Gate connects the traditional world of telephony (ISDN) with the IP UCC solutions.

OfficeMaster Gate is especially suitable for the following applications:

  • As an intelligent translator between ISDN and SIP,
  • As ISDN Controller for the Unified Messaging solution OfficeMaster Suite.

Two versions for different applications

Two different firmware versions are currently available for OfficeMaster Gate. Firstly the established version 4, and secondly the new version 5. It is not advisable to change to the new version for all environments. Below you will find a comparison of the two versions.


ISDN interface supportyesyes
Microsoft Skype for Businessyesyes
Microsoft Teamsnoyes
SIP-Trunks with registration132
OfficeMaster Suite


A list with release notes can be found in our forum (german forum but english release notes are included)


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