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A new global platform for meetings and webinars

MeetS4B from LM IT Services AG is built on the foundation of the reliable session border controller from Ferrari electronic.

LM IT Services AG, the IT Service Provider located in Osnabrück and Ferrari electronic AG, a leading developer of UC solutions announce their successful collaboration today with the provision of a global platform for meetings and webinars built on the foundation of Microsoft’s Skype for Business.

The world of today is subject to a high degree of digitalization, hand in hand with fundamental changes in the design of business processes, more dynamic market conditions and let us not forget a completely different interpretation of cooperation. The new methods of collaboration in combination with a rapidly increasing use of internationalization, require faster, global solutions to drive direct and sustainable communications.

Demand for webinars and VoIP meetings as part of a comprehensive communications strategy are higher than ever in our current environment. 

Taking the requirements of larger organizations into account, the IT service provider LM IT Services AG has developed a global platform on the basis of Skype for Business. The hybrid (on premise and cloud) service went live on 1st July 2016 after 18 months of planning, pilot rollouts and setting up the communication and service processes.

The specialists from Osnabrück utilize the solutions developed by Ferrari electronic. The MeetS4B technology blueprint supports the connectivity of SIP Trunks with PSTN connections in over 36 different countries including the USA, Australia and Argentina as well as areas where the infrastructure is not as capable such as Venezuela or Chile.

Norbert Morlock, the Project Manager for the platform implementation, shares his reasons for the connectivity methods used. “It is specifically those areas where we are currently registering enhanced dialling-in via telephone. Since the Internet infrastructure isn’t as developed in comparison to areas like Europe and the USA, it is important for us to offer the opportunity for companies to reach everyone with this platform. Skype for Business from Microsoft offers secure channels, the most modern and reliable audio and video capabilities coupled with a fail-safe, highly available infrastructure.. Now add the solutions from our technology partners and we are very quickly one of the market leaders. Service, support and the solution portfolio from the team at Ferrari electronic provide the best combination in ensuring that we achieve our goal.”

Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) ensures a high performance infrastructure

With the Enterprise Session Border Controller, Ferrari electronic plays an instrumental part in making it possible that this flexible and scalable hybrid infrastructure can be established. Dirk Krüger, Business Development Manager at Ferrari electronic explains: “Technically speaking, the E-SBC takes responsibility for the harmonization of the international SIP Protocols from multiple carriers. The result is a secure, highly available and high performance communications platform.”

Unique selling proposition: The Service

Since the start of the year, over 314,000 participants have registered on the platform, where more than 1500 meetings and webinars have been managed already. Each meeting was recorded and subsequently made available in Microsoft Azure. With over 30 employees supporting the platform and looking after the participants, any problems with audio or video device configuration along with questions about the network configuration or access to the meetings are easily resolved. This alone is a service that no others can provide. Further to that, the platform offers fully automated recording of webinars and automated reports that are generated using technology built upon Microsoft Power BI. These reports are then made available to the customer. With its rich visuals, Power BI provides meaningful dashboards by collecting geo-location and anonymous user data. Measuring your success in an online event has never been easier.

The specialists at LM IT and Ferrari electronic will continue to work relentlessly together to ensure that this solid foundation is continually built upon in the future.

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