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Ferrari electronic at TWENTY2X

Digital document exchange: initial spark for digital medium-sized companies

With its innovative unified communications solutions, the Berlin-based manufacturer Ferrari electronic is one of the pioneers of digital transformation in companies. Ferrari electronic will show how this transformation is particularly successful in medium-sized businesses at the new B2B digital trade fair TWENTY2X, which takes place from March 17th to 19th in Hanover. Highlights of the trade fair appearance are the new major release OfficeMaster Suite 7DX and Next Generation Document Exchange, the first legally and tamper-proof alternative to e-mail. Visitors of TWENTY2X will find Ferrari electronic in hall 7, booth B16.

Purely analogue work will no longer be sufficient in the future. In order to keep up, companies must consistently digitalize their business processes. So much for the theory. The practice often looks different, because by no means all companies can embark on the adventure of digitalization with the matter-of-factness of a large corporation.

OfficeMaster Suite 7DX - Unified Communications for medium sized businesses

A smooth and secure migration into the digital future is achieved with the OfficeMaster Suite 7DX from Ferrari electronic. It digitizes the incoming and outgoing documents and connects the existing e-mail system with the communication channels NGDX, fax, SMS and voice mail to a real Unified Communications solution. Coupling to mobile devices is also possible. The OfficeMaster Suite 7DX focuses on communication, the cornerstone of every successful company, and creates the basis for a legally and tamper-proof, cross-sector digital document exchange. It functions without an additional user program and immediately after setting up the telephone connection, additional investments in hardware or software are not necessary.

NGDX - legally and tamper-proof alternative to e-mail

The OfficeMaster Suite 7DX enables the legally secure and tamper-proof document exchange in IP environments via the new communication standard "Next Generation Document Exchange" (NGDX). It transmits documents in the original, loss-free and end-to-end as PDF to the recipient. Formatting, colours and even high resolutions are retained. Potentially harmful, active content such as hyperlinks or applications are excluded from the transfer. NGDX is also capable of transferring hybrid documents and thus creates ideal conditions for the electronic invoice (e-invoice) that will be legally binding in the foreseeable future.

The document transmission itself takes place at very high speed: With pure IP transmission, the documents can be transmitted up to a hundred times faster than by fax - even without an NGDX remote station. The successful transmission is acknowledged with a qualified transmission report. This report is even valid in court and shows at any time which documents have already been sent and received. This makes NGDX the first legally compliant alternative to e-mail besides fax. In addition, the optional use of block chain technology in conjunction with NGDX makes it possible to exchange documents in an audit-proof manner.


Thanks to NGDX, the OfficeMaster Suite 7DX enables fast, effective and legally compliant document exchange in the IP world. With this unique combination, it is a significant pioneer of the Digital Workplace for medium-sized businesses.

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