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Fax, SMS, Voicemail, CallRecording and Session Border Controller in a Single Device

Ferrari electronic Introduces the OfficeMaster Business Appliance

The Berlin-based Unified Communications specialist Ferrari electronic AG seizes the opportunity to introduce the OfficeMaster Business Appliance at CEBIT 2018; A device that essentially unifies fax, SMS, Voicemail, CallRecording as well as Session Border functionalities into a single device. All functions can be used independently as well as in conjunction with one another. Furthermore, they are all displayed, controlled and monitored on a web interface.

The OfficeMaster Business Appliance is a flexible and affordable hardware platform for comprehensive communication solutions in VoIP environments that was developed to address the needs of midsize companies. It combines powerful communication functions into a single unit. These can be extended and activated individually and according to requirements. A benefit for companies: They do not have to purchase individual hardware for each solution. Moreover, there is no need to acquire additional hardware or additional licenses, such as Windows Server or Office, thus saving costs.

Stephan Leschke, CEO of Ferrari electronic AG notes: “Common enterprises often demand individual and flexible communication applications. This demand is huge and is ever increasing. It is practical if all relevant functions are available as required. True to the motto "One size fits it all", we are launching a solution that bundles fax, SMS, voicemail, CallRecording and a Session Border Controller all in one device for the first time, which essentially helps to cut expenses. This once again demonstrates how seriously we take the desires and requirements of our customers in shaping the development of our portfolio, which in turn supports customers in their daily communication activities.”

Various Versions, Tailored According to Their Need

Multiple communication applications can be run on the OfficeMaster Business Appliance, providing scalability for VoIP environments. Key applications are a fax server, a voicemail system, a session border controller and a call recording solution (OfficeMaster CallRecording).

The basis is formed off a hardware that can be obtained in different versions, depending on the use case scenario: If CallRecording is required for recording calls, the Appliance comes fitted with a 1 TB internal hard drive.

Administration is browser-supported via a web interface, which not only allows the configuring the applications, but also a monitoring of the system. Furthermore, companies benefit from a uniform user guidance.

Straightforward Extension Through User-based License Model

The preinstalled apps can be licensed freely, according to ones need. For example, the fax function can be activated easily for users who are to use it.

Individual applications can be licensed based on user licenses (Fax, SMS, Voicemail) or line licenses (Telephony, call recording).

Benefits of Using the OfficeMaster Appliance at a Glance

  • ·         All necessary communication functionalities in a single device (“One size fits all”)
  • ·         Straightforward integration into an internal network infrastructure due to LINUX system
  • ·         Straightforward implementation due to various wizards and a uniform user guidance
  • ·         Straightforward implementation of additional modules and functionalities
  • ·         Smooth extension of additional user- or line licenses
  • ·         Compatible to the Telekom SIP Trunk (1TR114 and 1TR118)
  • ·         “Made in Germany”
  • ·         German support


Availability and Prices

The Appliance will be available from Summer 2018, starting at 990 €. It can be obtained from Ferrari electronic’s distribution partners.


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