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The OfficeMaster CallRecording appliance fits to every scenario

Ferrari electronic will present an easy yet powerful call recording solution on this year’s CeBIT

Ferrari electronic, a leading UC manufacturer located in Berlin, Germany presents their CallRecording appliance on this year’s CeBIT. The recording solution consists of both hard- and software and easily integrates into existent UC environments while covering the needs of enterprises. Customers having a particularly high demand in security will profit just as much as customers that have just commenced their migration to All-IP. Moreover, as banks and securities dealers will soon be required to record every call that consists of accepting and executing customer orders, they will even benefit further with this single-device solution. Additional services such as fax and voicemail can be licensed without a hassle.

Recording certain calls can be helpful in many situations, particularly for proof of contract closing, documentation and customer service or process improvement. As mentioned above, banks and securities dealer will be required by law to record calls. Furthermore, MiFID II, the law that encompasses these rules also dictates that these recordings need to be stored for five years and should be accessible when requested. With OfficeMaster, Ferrari electronic presents a MiFID II- compatible solution that not only covers these demands, but also offers further benefits for enterprises.

A recording solution that offers high performance all in one single piece of hardware

An OfficeMaster Gate serves as base module. It stands representative for all Media Gateways, which have become a vital role in UC environments. These Media Gateways ensure that essentially two communication types are capable of communicating with each other, hence, they serve as translator between communication worlds, such as IP or ISDN. If, however, this hardware combines with our software OfficeMaster ProductivityPlatform (OPP), a highly powerful appliance is created. As the capability to create individual configurations is of paramount importance for customers in a UC environment, Ferrari electronic has honoured their demands and established a vast configurable solution that covers almost every need. Pre-set configuration settings can be applied as well. With the possibility to implement a call recording solution, fax or voicemail, you broaden your IT infrastructure, which in turn enables you to access even more business opportunities. Note that the appliance supports a coexistent use of these communication services. Another benefit: Expenditures are kept at a minimum, as there is no need for additional hardware, such as a computer for storing recorded calls.

OfficeMaster Gate Advanced: One device, many possibilities

If you indeed consider acquiring a call recording solution, Ferrari electronic recommends using their OfficeMaster Gate Advanced. Due to its use of two power adapters, it offers redundancy while the internal storage of 32 GB provides up to 2000h of recorded calls. The OfficeMaster Gate Advanced is equipped with various types of interfaces such as two primary rate interfaces (PRI), four basic rate interfaces (BRI) and two analogue interfaces (FSX). These connection types leaves you within a vast field of application, and particularly come in handy if you, for example, run an ISDN PBX and your subscription is due to be switched to IP. Just connect the OfficeMaster Gate between the PSTN and your PBX and it will act as translator (IP in, ISDN out). Thus, two or more needs are covered with one device.

The Collector Service provides unlimited space for recordings

Ferrari electronic offers a Collector Service for OfficeMaster CallRecording that essentially moves stored recordings into a database or cloud, providing maximum flexibility for managing and saving recording files. By uploading them into a database / cloud, you will observe two mayor benefits: One, you avoid reaching the gateway’s capacity limit and two, while having full access to these recordings, you can shift, edit or download them wherever you are and whenever you want. Furthermore, you will possess a MiFID II- proof storage solution as 5 years of accumulated recording files won’t be of any bother. Hence, this product is ideal for enterprises that have only little to none access to a server infrastructure.

The team of Ferrari electronic represent themselves in hall 12, on the Alcatel-Lucent-Enterprise booth E32 and on the Microsoft Skype for Business booth E24.

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