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New Major Release: OfficeMaster Suite 7DX from Ferrari electronic now available

Smooth migration to the digital future

With the OfficeMaster Suite 7DX, the Berlin-based UC manufacturer Ferrari electronic sets new standards for professional corporate communication. The core of the major release is "Next Generation Document Exchange" (NGDX), a document exchange server for legally compliant sending of PDF and ZUGFeRD-compatible documents - fast, in color, without active content - in IP environments. Other important features of the OfficeMaster Suite 7DX are hybrid document encryption, solution monitoring and voicemail support for Microsoft Exchange 2019.

With the OfficeMaster Suite from Ferrari electronic companies connect their e-mail system with the communication channels document exchange, fax, SMS and voicemail to a real unified communication solution.

The OfficeMaster Suite 7DX is operational immediately after setting up the telephone connection without an additional user program and can be easily integrated into ICT environments as well as complex scenarios with several SIP trunks and various groupware systems. Connection to mobile devices is also possible.

Next Generation Document Exchange - legally compliant alternative to e-mail

The most striking innovation of the OfficeMaster Suite 7DX is the "Next Generation Document Exchange" (NGDX), which allows hybrid documents such as PDF and ZUGFeRD-compatible documents to be sent in IP environments in a legally secure and tamper-proof manner. Thus Ferrari electronic creates the best conditions for the legally binding electronic invoice (e-invoice) in the foreseeable future. NGDX is based on modern ITU standards and is downward compatible to the established fax protocol. In this way, the successful document reception of the remote terminal is ensured, independent of its device and transmission technology.

NGDX transmits the documents in the original and loss-free end-to-end as PDF to the recipient. Formatting, colours and even high resolutions are retained. Potentially harmful, active content such as hyperlinks or applications are excluded from transfer. The successful transfer is legally confirmed with a qualified transmission report. Document transmission with NGDX takes place at very high speed: With pure IP transmission, documents can be transmitted at up to 100 times the speed - even without NGDX counterparts.

"With NGDX, we provide our customers with a solution that enables them to exploit the full potential of legally compliant document exchange in IP environments. NGDX is also a cross-industry standard, so there are no limits to the application scenarios," says Stephan Leschke, CEO of Ferrari electronic AG.  

Minimal service effort due to integrated monitoring tool

In order to minimize the service effort within the company, the new major release has an already integrated monitoring tool for sending admin alerts and update notifications. This gives the administrator a live insight into the system.

Highest security through hybrid encryption of documents

Since telephony and fax are routed over IP lines, intercepting and reading documents has become much easier. In order to ensure secure document transmission, the OfficeMaster Suite 7DX uses both encryption of documents themselves and transport encryption.

Stable transmission thanks to native DirectSIP connection

The DirectSIP function from Ferrari electronic integrated into the Suite makes it possible to transfer documents directly to a SIP trunk or an IP telephone system without the use of telephone systems, routers or fax cards. Additional hardware components or third-party software are not required. Compared to previous heterogeneous solutions, the direct transmission path has a positive effect on the reliability and stability of the transmission.

Voicemail solution for Microsoft Exchange 2019

The OfficeMaster Suite 7DX can be operated in the DMZ and thus without Internet or Cloud and connected to Microsoft Exchange 2019 without any problems. Since Microsoft Exchange 2019 does not have its own voicemail function, the OfficeMaster Suite 7DX is the ideal supplement. The voicemail solution from Ferrari electronic can be integrated into numerous messaging systems and has an extended security function with the new major release.



Interested parties and customers can now purchase the OfficeMaster Suite 7DX from certified sales partners.


Further information:

Practical examples of the use of NGDX in various industries are available on the NGDX Landing Page.

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