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New Major Release: OfficeMaster Suite 8 from Ferrari electronic now available

Focus on the requirements of the digital working world

The digital working world is undergoing rapid change. Scenarios such as home office, mobile working and increasing flexibility demand adaptable IT solutions. A correspondingly powerful all-in-one solution is now available to companies and public authorities with the new major release from Ferrari electronic: OfficeMaster Suite 8 sets new standards for tamper-proof and DSGVO-compliant document exchange, offers numerous options for enriching documents, and lays the foundation for a variety of digitally integrated processes.

Ferrari electronic has always been engaged in secure document exchange. Features have been integrated into OfficeMaster Suite 8 that make digital document exchange even more secure, usability even higher and workflows even more efficient - regardless of work location and device.

- New Web API component - enables an uncomplicated control of 3rd party products such as

Integration of E-Postbrief

It is now possible to send letters regardless of location. The dispatch can be automated from Microsoft Dynamics 365, for example. By storing the "ePost" dispatch method in the customer master data, digitally created documents are forwarded to the post office via the E-Postbrief interface, where they are printed, enveloped, postage added and delivered.

Creation of XInvoices or ZUGFeRD 2.1

Since October 2021, companies doing business with public institutions have been required to submit invoices to the authority in purely digital form as XInvoices. By integrating this dispatch method into OfficeMaster Suite 8, XInvoices can be conveniently submitted digitally to the federal authorities' portal via a web interface or sent as a ZUGFeRD document.

 - Text recognition of documents by means of OCR ("Optical Character Recognition").

The standard transfer method of OfficeMaster Suite 8 is NGDX (Next Generation Document Exchange). This means that the documents are transferred in their original form as PDFs. All document information is retained and can be further processed (automatically) by downstream systems. If OfficeMaster Suite 8 receives documents that were not sent via NGDX, they can be optionally refined via OCR. For example, the image transmitted by fax becomes a document with an embedded text layer that can be searched, marked and further processed.

 - Innovative document transfer via Cloud Relay similar to 2FA (two-factor authentication).

An additional NGDX operating mode allows document transfer via a cloud relay operated by Ferrari electronic AG. In this process, the documents are broken down into pieces (shards) and stored on cloud drives. These shards are individually encrypted and the key exchange with the recipient is again encrypted on the telephony link. This enables very secure transmission thanks to the implementation of a method similar to two-factor authentication.

- Support of latest Microsoft technologies

Ferrari electronic reacts to the upcoming discontinuation of Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) and introduces the new Exchange Online Connector based on the Microsoft Graph API. Microsoft strongly recommends to use the Graph Api already today for security reasons. Furthermore OfficeMaster Suite 8 supports Microsoft Windows Server 2022, Microsoft Office 2021 and on the client side Microsoft Windows 11.

- Better support for cloud installations

The browser-based messaging server configuration (OMSWebConfig) significantly improves and simplifies installations. Software installation is no longer necessary on-premise, but can be performed conveniently and system-independently via browser (including for 3rd party applications such as Microsoft Dynamics 365).

- Targeted maintenance mode (Drain Mode)

OfficeMaster Suite 8 allows you to manually switch the server to a targeted maintenance mode. The server then no longer accepts any further jobs and dispatches all jobs that have accumulated to date. In addition, the solution automatically detects external events, such as the failure of a SIP trunk, which could jeopardize proper operation.

"The OfficeMaster Suite has long since become a communications standard and is the best example of a consistent adaptation to the rapidly changing challenges of the modern working world. Even before pandemic times, it laid the foundation for tamper-proof, location-independent work. With the new major release, we are providing a solution that perfects this claim. It enables companies and public authorities to switch flexibly between office presence and mobile working without any loss of security," says Stephan Leschke, CEO of Ferrari electronic AG.

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