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OfficeMaster Call Recording version 5.1

Unified communications expert Ferrari electronic has further optimized its solution for telephone recording. OfficeMaster Call Recording is now also designed for companies with a high demand for lines. Version 5.1 supports up to 500 simultaneous calls via SIP lines. OfficeMaster Call Recording also offers optimized audio quality and performance enhancements for SIP recording and live monitoring.

The modular system of OfficeMaster Call Recording can be easily and quickly integrated into already existing TC systems. In this way, telephone calls can be recorded in a legally secure manner on the company's own premises and using its own communications solution. The recordings can be managed for several years.

In version 5.1 of the OfficeMaster Call Recording software, the SIP lines for recording have been expanded from 120 to 500. This provides flexibility for companies with a high demand for lines, for example also at distributed locations. In addition, the audio quality of OfficeMaster Call Recording 5.1 has been further optimized and the performance of SIP recording and live monitoring has been improved.

Other features of the solution at a glance:
• Manual or automatic recording - Depending on requirements, calls can also be started or ended manually by the respective user. The combination of automatic and manual recording can be adjusted according to the requirements.
• Fingerprint - records are protected preventively by means of fingerprint - later manipulations are indicated immediately
• Audit-proof data storage - MIFiD II requires secure data storage for up to seven years. Easy integration with compliance and audit-proof data storage is supported.
• Recording-Finder - Recording is easy, but finding the right recording is not trivial. This is where the Call Recording Finder comes in handy with its many search parameters (time, date, time periods, connections, numbers, call directions, etc.).
• Prefilter - Prefilters make it possible to exclude individual numbers or fixed time periods from the recording. This means that the solution meets all technical and legal requirements, such as those required for MiFID II.
• Active Directory - User management supports authentication of users and user groups through Active Directory, simplifies recording management, and allows centralized rights and security management for all connected clients.

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