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Panasonic Business has announced a partnership with Ferrari electronic AG, to provide a full service of compatible hardware and software communication solutions featuring on-call recording.

The move will see Ferrari electronic AG, recognised as a leading German manufacturer, collaborate with Panasonic to ensure its on call recording system is compatible with a range of proprietary Panasonic products across analogue, digital, SIP and IP devices.

The solution ensures the real-time functions of call recording for VOIP telephony calls, meaning users can conveniently check the status of all lines, listen to live calls, and manually start recordings. A built in ‘call browser’ also allows businesses to search, play, send, archive and delete recordings, making it well suited for use in healthcare, legal practices and telecommunications.

Working alongside Panasonic devices, the software allows simultaneous operation of devices for traditional calling alongside the VoIP recorder, using the same database and client server.

In particular, the Ferrari electronic system is well suited to integrate with Panasonic’s UC Pro unified communication system, which works with the KX-NS and KX-NSX series and provides quick and easy communication across more than 2,500 extensions.

The partnership also sees Panasonic equipment become compatible with Ferrari electronic’s unified messaging and unified communication solutions.

“Panasonic is committed to meeting the needs of its partners. We searched for a company who could meet the demand for in-call recording. We are excited to have found Ferrari electronic, as we feel that together we will be able to provide an even greater suite of communication solutions for a variety of businesses,” says Carlos Osuna, Category Owner for Panasonic Business Europe.

Dr. Rolf Fiedler, CTO Ferrari electronic AG, comments: ”This partnership will allow us to expand our addressable markets by helping Panasonic’s customers to increase their efficiency through the integration of our call recording solution. We are looking forward to working closely with Panasonic in the future.”

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