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Expand your Cisco Solution with EntryControlServer

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OfficeMaster EntryControl directly connects to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) and initiates an audio-video call. Internal processes are being used and the necessity of performing local installations on the user’s workplace becomes redundant. Cisco phones with video telephony natively support this version of EntryControl.

The OfficeMaster EntryControl Server adds useful information to the video stream, such as name/location of a doorway and which button to press in order the grant access.

Basic functionality:

If the door intercom is rung, an audio stream is established to EntryControl using SIP. At the same time, the corresponding MJPEG video stream is requested from the camera. The video stream is converted to a H.264 format and enriched with information. These signals are subsequently transmitted to the CUCM which forwards them to the respective Cisco IP phones.

An “Open Door“ DTMF command is transmitted from an Cisco IP Phone via CUCM and EntryControl to the intercom. 


OfficeMaster EntryControlServer RC is online! A brandnew UI is included for configuration purposes. From now on correct licenses are necessary.

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